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  • The Antifit talks about a multitude of stuff. From politics to culture to current affairs to health, fitness, food, beverage, music and much more. Advice often dispensed by experts in communication and digital marketing insisted that a website or online publication should cater to a specific niche for it to be successful. However, the intent behind The Antifit was never to be successful. But rather to be interesting. To be of use even. It would've been easy to fit inside a particular box and delve in detail about specific topics, while targeting a specific user persona. However, it wouldn't be fun. And there's no point doing something if it ain't fun! The common thread that binds the content is honesty of intent, intertwined with irreverence for being politically correct. The common ambition that drives those who generate it, is that you enjoy spending time here and go back feeling strongly about whatever it is that you consumed. (The irony of all this being written inside a box!)